Synchronize Outlook Signatures to Set the Email Signatures to All Outlook Interfaces

Synchronize Outlook Signatures to Set the Email Signatures to All Outlook Interfaces

We use emails to transfer details among office 365 organizations in the modern world. Email signatures can make your emails look professional and more trustworthy. Emails without having email signatures look like push mail. An email signature gives detailed information regarding your organization and how to reach you. In general, an email signature helps you establish yourself with the customer.

Why Email Signatures required for an organization?

  1. An email signature helps your mail to stand out from a crowded mailbox.
  2. It is a must to have an efficient signature to boost your email marketing.
  3. A signature helps to create brand awareness among customers.
  4. As you add all the social media profiles to your signature, it drives traffic to your channels.
  5. Uniformity is created in the organization when everyone uses the same email signature.

How to set an Email Signature?

  • Go to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click on settings–> View all Outlook settings.
  • Under the Mail category, select Compose and reply.
  • Under the Email signature, click on New
  • Name of the email signature and compose the signature.
  • Click Save.

Email Siganture outlook

Dos and don’ts while creating Email Signatures

As your email signature helps the customer to get a good idea about your organization, it is essential to make it effective and attractive. Let us see the dos and don’ts while creating email signatures.


  • Add some subtle colour to highlight the necessary information. Be careful when choosing the colourand don’t go over colourful.
  • Add your company logo or highlight your company name. It helps to promote your brand among the customers.
  • Add all the details that help your customer to connect or get back to you, like your social media profiles, email addresses, company websites, etc.


  • Make the design simple. Don’t add lots of colour and images that may make the email signature unpleasant.
  • The email signature may annoy the customer if it goes beyond 3 or 4 lines.
  • Avoid adding an email ID in the email signature, as it wastes space.

A New Update in the Email Signature!

To create uniformity in the email sent from the organization, we need to use common email signatures. In an organization, there is no need for all the employees to use the same Outlook interface; some may use Outlook for the web, while others may use Outlook desktop apps. It is tedious to manually set the same email signature for the different Outlook interfaces. Now, Microsoft has come up with a new update that rescues us from such monotonous work. It is the synchronization of the Outlook signature across all the Outlook interfaces.

What are the Outlook interfaces that Support Synchronization Email Signatures?

The outlook interfaces that support email signature synchronization are

  • Outlook web app
  • Outlook app
  • Outlook for windows.

NOTE: This sync feature is currently not available for android or iOS. Let’s see how the email signatures have been synchronized across various Outlook clients.

Outlook Web App:

  • Go to the Outlook Web app.
  • Use the above-mentioned step to set a new email signature and save it.

Email signature outlook web

Outlook App:

  • Go to the Outlook app.
  • Click File –>Options. A popup comes out.
  • Under the Mail category, select Now you can notice that the email signature has been synchronized.

signature outlook app

Outlook for Windows:

  • Open Outlook for windows.
  • Click the Setting Select View all outlook settings and a window pops out.
  • Under Accounts, select signatures to check that the email signature has been synchronized.

Email signature outlook for windows

Roaming Signatures:

The new Outlook roaming email signature feature enables users with a Microsoft 365 or account to sync their Outlook signature across their different devices. It is greatly useful as it avoids the manual setting of signatures after switching devices. This feature is enabled by default. If you wish to disable the feature, you must

  • Go to Registry Editor and browse HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Setup\.
  • Right-click and create a new DWORD 32-bit value folder and name as DisableRoamingSignatures.
  • Select the DisableRoamingSignatures folder. A dialogue box appears in the _value data box, and enter the value as ‘1’.
  • Click OK to save it.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook for changes to reflect.

roaming signature

The roll-out of the Synchronization feature is still underway and is not completely launched, so fewer tenants will be able to access this feature. Hope we have fulfilled your requirements regarding the email signature synchronization. Feel free to reach us in the comment section. We would be glad to assist you!

Synchronize Outlook Signatures to Set the Email Signatures to All Outlook Interfaces

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